The Psi Delta Colony Welcomes You!

Welcome to the official webpage of the Psi Delta Colony at UNC Charlotte!

Chi Phi is thrilled to be recruiting Psi Delta’s Refounding Fathers in the fall of 2018.

The purpose of a fraternity and our presence on campus is to build connections with like-minded men for the purpose of bettering themselves and their community. Chi Phi presents men with the opportunity to bond and grow within a diverse group on 56 campuses across the country, soon to be 57 with UNCC!

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For Parents and Friends

The Chi Phi Fraternity, headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, is composed of 56 Chapters and Colonies nationwide, plus many Alumni Associations and City Clubs, and boasts a robust membership roll of over 40,000 men. Each Chapter, Colony, Alumni Association, and individual member is held to our standards of nothing less than excellence and conducts themselves as True Gentlemen.

The Psi Delta Colony at UNC Charlotte will be heavily supported by the National Office and its Chapter Advisory Board, which is comprised of Alumni members of the Colony who have volunteered their time and expertise to help your son in his pursuit of Brotherhood through our Mission: To build better men through lifelong friendships, leadership opportunities, and character development.

Our New Member Education process is standardized by our Member Education Team at the National Office and lasts for a period of only two weeks. These two weeks will introduce our New Members to the world of Greek Life and the Ritual, Values, history, expectations, and standards of Chi Phi. The beginning of this New Member Education period is marked by your son’s Pinning Ceremony, an open ceremony which the friends and family of our members are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

The Fraternity has a zero tolerance policy for hazing, sexual misconduct, and any behavior that does not recognize the dignity and respect due to all people. Violation of  these standards by any member will result in swift action by the Fraternity. You can view all of the Fraternity’s policies and standards here.

What is Chi Phi?

Originally Founded in 1824, the Chi Phi Fraternity we know today is the outgrowth of three separate organizations which all bore the name Chi Phi; the Chi Phi Society at Princeton University (1824), the Chi Phi Fraternity at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1858), and the Secret Order of Chi Phi at Hobart College (1860).

Our Fraternity stands for Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity above all else. With a deep devotion to the well-being and health of our members, Chi Phi strives to Build Better Men through Friendship, Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Commitment, and Personal Development.

Why is Chi Phi at UNCC?

Chi Phi was first brought to UNCC in 1969 as the first fraternity on campus. Members of UNCC’s faculty had specifically requested that Chi Phi come to campus based on our reputation as a national organization. Many of the Founding Fathers were transfer students from surrounding Community and Junior Colleges. The group quickly flourished and became the Psi Delta Chapter in 1970.

Our return to campus has been eagerly awaited for several years by both the University and the more than 800 Chi Phi Brothers in the Charlotte area.

Our National Office, which is located just north of Atlanta, not only offers easy access to the Fraternity’s nearly 200 years of archival history, but also the vast resources and knowledge held by our leadership. Atlanta has been Chi Phi’s “hometown” since the 1920s, when Fraternity leadership resided in the area. The city hosts our Alphas and Thetas Academy for Chapter Presidents and New Member Educators every January, and this past summer we held the annual Chi Phi Congress in Buckhead.

In addition to UNCC, several North Carolina universities host Chi Phi Chapters: UNC Chapel Hill (Alpha-Alpha), UNC Wilmington (Gamma Zeta), and East Carolina University (Epsilon Theta).

In short, no Colony could be founded with a better set up for success than Psi Delta at UNCC.

What is it like to be in a Fraternity?

What about my schedule?

As Greek men of Character, academics are always a top priority for our Chapters and Colonies, and your class/study times remain your own. A majority of our members nationwide balance full or part-time jobs on and off campus, sports, family obligations, and ROTC commitments with their Chi Phi experience.

Time commitments to the Fraternity can vary week to week, but two to three hours is fairly normal. This time is spent in Chapter or Committee meetings, at intramural games, participating in philanthropy or community service events, or with your Brothers in a study group, to name a few things. Of course, this does not count the quality time you can spend with your Brothers bonding over meals, going to campus events, or just spending a night off playing Fortnite.

What are the benefits?

In addition to the leadership positions that our members can hold in their own Chapters and Colonies as Executive Officers or Committee Chairmen, our undergraduate members hold leadership positions in the Fraternity at large. Two members of our Grand Council are undergraduate Brothers, and undergraduates serve on committees that oversee our communications efforts, Accreditation program, and results of legislation form our annual Congress.

Chi Phi presents students with a chance to build connections with like-minded men for the purpose of bettering themselves and their community. As such, our Fraternity also focuses on service and philanthropy. Joining a national organization gives men the opportunity to not only work with other members across the country for a cause, but it also gives them a head start in utilizing partnerships with major charities and service organizations that are already in place. Chi Phi men average more than 35,000 hours of service annually.

Did you also know that the Chi Phi Educational Trust awards more than $100,000 each year to our members in the form of academic scholarships, funding for travel to educational programs, and Chapter development programs? With many of our members funding their own education, the Trust makes it their paramount mission to support them as fully as possible. This of course is in addition to the generous funding they give the Fraternity for hosting events across the country, including Regional Leadership Alliances, Alphas and Thetas Academy, Regional Ritual Retreats, and the annual Chi Phi Congress.

Chi Phi Fraternity strives to be the model of all values-based organizations. We hold our Chapters accountable to our Founding Values and place excellence and academic performance as the top priorities. Our Accreditation standards ensure that each Chapter of Chi Phi aims for nothing less.

Who runs the show?

Starting the Chi Delta Colony anew this fall means that the Expansion Team is leading those efforts. Once the first New Member Class is inducted, the Expansion Team and Colony members will collaborate on determining the first Colony Executive Board. Subsequent Executive Boards will be wholly elected by the members of the Colony.

Support from the National Office remains a constant for each of our Chapters and Colonies. The Colony will lay its own foundation for the future as recruitment and growth continue and their presence on campus is solidified. This is a remarkable opportunity for a group of young men to lay the groundwork or an organization at Georgia State that will help Build Better Men on campus for many years to come.

What about finances?

Though there are certain obligations to the National Fraternity (and of the National Fraternity to other entities), each Chapter/Colony’s budget is set by its members. All Colonies are given aid for certain expenses from the Fraternity, including the waiving of Delegate fees for the first Congress and funding to help travel to educational programs hosted by the Fraternity and Educational Trust.

See the table below for a quick reference of what you can expect when joining*

New Member Fee Initiation Fee National Dues National Insurance Assessment Local Dues
Frequency Once Once Each Semester Once per year Each Semester
Amount $100 $240 $77.50 $210 Set by the Colony

*New Members are only charged the New Member Fee and Initiation Fee their first semester. This may not accurately reflect the overall cost, as some numbers change year to year.

Membership Recommendation

Are you or do you know someone at UNCC who is considering joining a Greek organization? Let us know by filling out the form below! Members of our Expansion Team will reach out to your Candidate soon to schedule a meeting and gauge their interest in Chi Phi.

Member Recommendation at UNC Charlotte

Member Recommendation at UNC Charlotte

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Meet the Team

John Fisher

Coordinator of Growth

John is a member of our Delta Pi Chapter and a 2013 graduate of Georgia Southwestern State University, where he majored in Marketing. He has worked for both the Chi Phi Fraternity and the Chi Phi Educational Trust in several capacities and previously helped recruit the Founding Fathers of our Delta Theta Chapter at Clemson and the Delta Xi Colony at West Virginia Wesleyan.

He is married to Danielle, a middle school social studies teacher, but the true love of his life is his dog Kasen. John is a rabid Atlanta United and Falcons fan and has been known to go well out of his way for a good mozzarella stick.

Chris Fernandez

Leadership Consultant

Chris is a 2017 graduate of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, where he joined the Rho Delta Chapter his freshman year. As a Leadership Consultant, Chris has worked with Chapters and Colonies across the country to help solidify their operations and lend a helping hand whenever they need it. He also recruited the Founding Fathers of the Central Michigan University Colony in the fall of 2017.

A native of Elberton, Georgia, Chris held several elected positions in his time as an undergraduate, including SGA President. He has been known to drop everything in order to attend a Braves game.

Roy Salinas

Leadership Consultant

Roy is a member of our Lambda Zeta Chapter at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. He served as the Beta (Vice President) and Iota (Recruitment Chairman) during his time at St. Mary’s before graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice in the spring of 2018.


Refounding Father, Parent, or Friend

The success of Chi Phi is dependent on the same things that every Greek organization needs to thrive; lively membership and community engagement.

Whether you are a young man looking to join a Greek organization, you have a friend in Chi Phi, or if you are a parent or other relative curious about how this all works, we want to hear from and with with you!

We want to extend an invitation to you to participate in Chi Phi’s upcoming events, including our Pinning Ceremony conducted with our New Member Class, which marks their transition into Chi Phi membership.

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