Process for Chapters


At the 2017 Congress in Richmond, Virginia, a Motion was passed to establish an annual submission process for Chapters that have successfully been Accredited. This process was to cover a calendar year, thus covering one Alpha’s term. Any Chapter which was not Accredited in the Fall semester submission would have to submit a full submission in Spring semester. Colonies are still required to submit every semester.

The Accreditation process on this page is for use by Chapters.

If you are a Colony, you are required to submit Accreditation each semester and should click here.
Note: If you are a first-semester Colony (i.e., you were Founded this current semester) you are not required to submit anything for Accreditation.

Have questions on the submission process?

Assistant Executive Director Danny Zayas is available to answer those questions for you at

We have created an instructional video to take you through the process step by step. You can view the video on our Facebook page here.

Submission Process

The Fall 2018 Accreditation submission process has changed slightly to be more user friendly and include requirements from the entire calendar year. This process will still allow Chapters to work on Accreditation at their own pace while still receiving a detailed score sheet with grader feedback.

However, in order to ensure this process goes smoothly, please read through and follow the directions carefully. If you have any questions, please reach out to Danny Zayas, Assistant Executive Director, at The National Office will be hosting two webinars for all Chapter Officers involved in Accreditation along with any Chapter Advisors who would like to attend. The days/time are upcoming.

If you (or someone from your Chapter) cannot attend one of these webinars, please reach out to your Leadership Consultant as soon as possible.

Sample Materials from Fall 2017:
Please note that these materials reflect the old, semesterly Accreditation process.

Chapter Submission Form
Colony Submission Form
Documentation Checklist
Instructions for Submission
How to Create a Zip Folder


The deadline for the Fall 2019 Accreditation submission is Monday, November 18, 2019, by 11:59 pm local time. Chapters are more than welcome (and encouraged) to submit documents early to their Leadership Consultant for review and feedback. Late submissions will be penalized.


Chapters are asked to refer to the yearly Accreditation Rubric for assistance with their supporting documentation and Accreditation submission. Please note: the Midyear Report (also available for download on Chi Phi Connect) is now included in the Accreditation program and is not to be submitted separately through Vault as in past semesters. Chapters Accredited through their Fall 2019 submission will still be required to submit their End-Of-Year Report by May 1, 2020.


The following templates are designed to be a guide for you to use as you prepare Accreditation documents. Please feel free to use them, and if you have any questions regarding these templates or suggestions for additional templates contact Danny Zayas.

Alumni Advisory Board Template
Combined Roster
Event Attendance Sheet