The Accreditation Program

Designed specifically with the Fraternity’s primary strategic plan objectives in mind, this program examines our Chapters’ operations in ten areas using the Chi Phi Standards of Chapter Excellence as its foundation. Over the past several years the Grand Council’s Accreditation Committee has met in person and via teleconference, conferred with professionals in other organizations and officials at Emory, Bucknell, and Lehigh Universities, and piloted an Accreditation program in survey form with a sample of 43 of our active Chapters and Colonies. The Accreditation program has thus continued to grow and develop with the needs of our Chapters.

Part of this growth has been its evolution into a year-long program, as established by a Motion at the 152nd Congress. Beginning with the Fall 2017 submission, Chapters which are Accredited only need to submit their materials once per year, in the Fall. Chapters failing to meet Accreditation standards will be required to submit their materials again in the Spring. All Colonies are required to submit each semester.

Specific instructions for your submission can be found linked below. If you are unsure if your Chapter was Accredited by their last submission, a list can be found at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

If you are a Chapter, click here
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Previous Reports

Chapters Accredited with Honors for 2018

Pi Theta – University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Alpha Theta Chi – University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Theta – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Chapters and Colonies Accredited for 2018

Listed by Score

Beta – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Psi Zeta – University of Texas at Dallas
UCSD Colony – UC San Diego
Alpha Delta – Pennsylvania State University
Delta Theta Colony – Clemson University
Alpha Zeta – University of West Georgia
Rho – Lafayette College
Delta Xi Colony – West Virginia Wesleyan College
Psi – Lehigh University
Phi Lambda Theta – Bucknell University
Epsilon – Hampden-Sydney College
Sigma Delta – UC Davis
Mu – Stevens Institute of Technology
Omega – Georgia Institute of Technology
Lambda – UC Berkeley
Sigma Theta – Towson University
Tau Zeta – Boston University
Delta Pi – Georgia Southwestern State University
Iota – The Ohio State University
Theta Zeta – Texas A&M
Zeta Theta – SUNY Oneonta
Xi Delta – Florida Institute of Technology
Alpha-Pi Colony – Iowa State University
Lambda Theta – UMass Dartmouth
Upsilon – Hobart College
Alpha-Tau – University of Michigan
Rho Delta – Oglethorpe University
Xi – Cornell University
Theta Delta – University of Florida
Rho Theta – Arizona State University
Gamma Zeta – UNC Wilmington
Xi Theta – Southern Utah University
Delta – Rutgers University
Nu Delta – Florida State University
Tau – University of Alabama
Eta – University of Georgia

Chapters and Colonies not Accredited for 2018

Listed by Score

Alpha – University of Virginia
Zeta – Franklin & Marshall College
Eta Delta Colony – University of Southern California
Alpha-Chi – Ohio Wesleyan University
Alpha-Alpha – UNC Chapel Hill
Mu Delta – Auburn University
Kappa Delta – University of Rochester
Pi Zeta – Binghamton University
Omega Zeta – University of North Florida
Phi Delta – University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Eta Theta – University of Maryland, College Park
Epsilon Theta – Eastern Carolina University
Omicron Theta – SUNY Plattsburgh

Chapters Failing to Submit Accreditation

Nu – University of Texas at Austin
Epsilon Zeta – Humboldt State University
Lambda Zeta – St. Mary’s University
Iota Theta – Schreiner University