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  1. That he will forever maintain his involvement with the Chi Phi Fraternity. Membership is a lifelong commitment.
  2. That he has the time to give to the interests of Chi Phi. Membership requires a reasonable amount of time.
  3. That he regards the Fraternity with a spirit of sincerity and respect, and that he desires to give its teachings his earnest consideration.
  4. That he intends cheerfully to perform whatever tasks may be assigned him for the good of the Fraternity. All members must contribute.
  5. That he will at all times conduct himself as a gentleman. The real character of a Fraternity depends upon the individual character of its members.
  6. That he will labor with diligence to maintain his scholarship at or above the all men’s average on campus. The fundamental reason for studying in college is that the college exists primarily for that purpose.
  7. That he will take part in worthy college activities. Be active in at least one other campus organization
  8. That he will receive every member as a Brother. All initiated members are an integral part of the organization.
  9. That he will at all times keep current with his financial responsibilities. The Fraternity has financial obligations to meet as well.
  10. That he will ever exert himself to live up to the ideals of Chi Phi. Membership requires an ongoing effort and commitment.

Financial Facts

National Membership Dues – 1st Semester (new member term)

  • $90 one-time pledging fee
  • $240 one-time initiation fee

National Membership Dues – 2nd Semester

  • $65 per semester National membership dues
  • $65 per year liability insurance dues *

National Membership Dues – Each Year After

  • $65 per semester National membership dues
  • $130 per year liability insurance dues *

* one of the least expensive of all men’s fraternities in the nation

Local dues are decided by the Chapter each semester by the members within that respective Chapter.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]